Why doesn't Dreamhost allow forwarding email to certain addresses?


Can anyone tell me why Dreamhost does not allow you to set up a forwarding address to an email address at aol.com or comcast.net? I wish I had known this before I signed up for a hosting account. And how do I find out what other email addresses they don’t allow you to forward email to?

I would really like to know the reason why they don’t allow it as well.


So, email forwarding is tricky, because if the messages you’re forwarding are spam — which will happen quite a bit if you’re forwarding all the mail sent to an address — it starts looking a lot like DreamHost is sending the spam, rather than just passing it on. During the time that we allowed email forwarding to these providers, they frequently ended up thinking our mail servers were a spam source and blocked us entirely, preventing mail from being sent to them at all (as well as making the forwards stop working).

An explanation from back when this policy was implemented is available at:


There’s a more detailed explanation of the situation written by a DreamHost customer at:


AOL and Comcast are the only providers we’ve had to do this for, though. Forwards to other providers should work fine.

Yes but Gmail forwarding is now super slow since few weeks, why ? Thank you.

Thanks for replying Andrew. I was aware of the email blacklist conundrum, because emails sent from a website hosted by Network Solutions were only intermittently delivered. I read the articles, and the advice given doesn’t help me much. I am hosting a website for a non-profit and I have 27 members who need to be able to receive email at our domain name in the form first.last@domain.org. And each of these people use various have email permanent accounts at various other places. So, for the people who use comcast and aol, I have a workaround that uses a new gmail account that I created and use as a bent pipe. I have the dreamhost emails forwarded to the gmail account, then the gmail account forwards the email to comcast or aol. It’s kludgy, but it works.

I have some who get there mail at yahoo, gmail (of course), aol, earthlink, verizon and comcast. So I had to create an special email address at Google, and now I forward all emails destined for aol or comcast to the google email. In the google account I set up filters to forward the emails to the