Why does the support team take so long to answer?

For almost a day I’m trying to solve a support issue but no one answers my question… is it always like that? My client subscribed to the website, and her account status keeps showing “pending”, even though she made the payment with a credit card, but Dreamhost team seems to ignore my/her question. I’m honestly concerned if it’s always going to be like that from now own. I have a Dreamhost account myself with 2 websites live, and so far so good, but now I’m wondering if the support team will be there when I need…

They just had a big promotion, and I’m sure are backed up. I submitted a support request last week that was successfully resolved in a couple of hours.

DH has an enormous number of clients, so you really can’t expect to get instantaneous answers to your support questions.

Anyways, if she subscribed, and it still says pending, submit a support request under HER account. Sometimes if the billing information doesn’t all match up it will be put on hold.

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Hi Justin,
I did submit a support request under HER account. They already solved our problem - there was something manual that they had to do. Someone that works in their support read my post and helped me with it.
I’m still considering DH a very good company, they usually answer faster, and that was probably an odd event.
Tks, Esther

From what we experienced before, usually DH support solves a problem or reply in few hours. If the case is too complicated, it may take more time to solve it. Very often, by the time DH support gets back to you, the problem is already solved. Cheers!

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I agree. As a long-time customer, the support has always been excellent. Rarely have I ever waited more than a couple hours and usually if something is broken, then it’s within an hour.

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