Why does my VPS also allow to create users on a "shared" server


I recently bought my first VPS deal. I’m confused why there is the option to create domains/users not only under the name of my VPS machine but also under the shared “akhenaten” machine? I made one of my domains use that machine by mistake. How will that option affect my hosting?

That may have subscribed you to a Shared Hosting plan as well.

Some VPS users might only want VPS for a specific domain or two, and keep their shared plan for low traffic sites.

We are intersted in your shared hosting. What is the throughput per second on the shared hosting?

may be its shared hosting i guess.

Hi nextsteps,

Did you need a shared hosting account apart from your VPS? If you are on a VPS you may not need shared hosting unless you specifically want to pay for both services. You can cancel the shared hosting plan and move all your domains/users to your VPS. Here is an article about how to make those changes: https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/215202377-How-do-I-cancel-my-Shared-hosting-account-if-I-also-have-a-VPS-or-Dedicated-server-

VPS hosting is very useful in shared server.