Why does my normal email client check dreamhost


I have a problem that I need urgent help with.

can you please tell me why the hell "randy.mail@dreamhost.com" checks as my default email client when ever it searches for new emails.

I am in the uk,I have a normal email address from my one and only isp provider.
and yet every time my email client checks for new mail, the above is the server it checks on.

how the hell has this happened, I have never even been on , or have any intention of using dreamhost, and I want to know, 1st, how this has happened, and 2nd, how do I stop it.


It’s so strange. I can’t be "xxxx@dreamhost.com".

Have you contacted DH support?

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It sounds to me like someone has configured your email client to check that server. Has anyone else used your computer?

You “stop” it by removing that server from your email client configuration. How you do that depends upon the email client you are using (Outlook, OutlookExpress, Thunderbird, Evolution, etc.)



thanks for the replys,

i use thunderbird, i can not see any other settings, especially the one here, all i can see is one of my emails a googlemail account and my main isp “sky” in the uk.

what I have just noticed however if this means anything, the only way I actually saw this is a small pop up window form my virus checker AVG free as it pre scans all incoming mail,
and its there it says in a pop up…checking randy.mail@dreamhost.com

so as for removing from my email client…ermmm well i cant actually see it.
thanks again


AVG Free has an email server set up…so you can add your email server incoming and outgoing…

When i get in to the office tomorrow, I can look at our PC configurations…or you can just google email outgoing server (setup or) configuration AVG Free or email incoming configuration AVG Free.