WHy does it take so long to activate a new account?


I registered and paid for a new DreamPress account early this morning, responded to all requests for information and redirected my domain to your name servers (which took my website offline). I have made at least three requests for information as to what you need to activate my account and to determine when it will be activated so that I can move my website and get it back online. I have received no response. Can someone please help me get this moving or I will be forced to withdraw my new account registration and see a different hosting service?

Fred n1fd.org

Hello Fred,

Thank you for contacting us for help, I apologize for any frustration. Please supply a support ticket# (starts with a 7) or the domain name on the account and we can get it escalated over to our approvals team right away.

Matt C

Support ticket #'s


Thanks for those ticket #'s - I see that you’re all set and our approval’s team sent you an email update, be sure to reply back ot it if you need any more help.

Matt C

Thank you for the help Matt.