Why do I suck at this? HELP PLEASE!

I have had this damned webspace for over a year and it used to work with frontpage but now all I get is “ERROR, no server on port 21, please check… blah blah blah.”

I finally got a freind to help who uploaded all my old pages through some NETFTP setup but none of my pics are showing; just the pages with a bunch of red X’s… How can I get back into having my pics and vids operational again?? I have been using MS Frontpage since it is easy to use for me.

Someone please look at my site and tell me something I don’t know about it… this should be easy since I don’t know anything :slight_smile: Dreamhost support was ver yver yunhelpful in this matter and they just told me to buy more software… I DL’ed Coffee Cup, tried it and the webspace still wouldn’t load a page… THANKS DREAMHOST SUPPORT!!! (for nothing!)

I’m a computer retard… and ESPECIALLY when it comes to web pages!!

I can tell you are frustrated, but “YELLING” about how unhappy you are with those that have already tried to help you is not real encouraging to others. Your post doesn’t make it sound like it would be too much fun to try to help you sort this out . :wink:

How do you expect anyone to “please look at my site and tell me something I don’t know about it” when you don’t even put a link to your site in your post?


SEEE!! See how much I suck at this?? sorry… site is www.jandv.net. only reason I was “yelling” at tech support is I feel it is their JOB to help me and their best offering was to buy more software even though mine worked fine before so that makes me think it’s def. on their side… I proved this when the FTP stuff took the frontpage work… so I feel that makes them incompentent even though part of my $ paid for their “support.”

I am normally a very relaxed guy but these guys have me so frustrated it is unreal. That is whay I found this place to try to get help from the community since they usually are better at this stuff than any tech support anyway.

I’m a computer retard… and ESPECIALLY when it comes to web pages!!


Don’t get upset at either yourself or others about this. No one’s dying yet! And remember, you’re probably in this to have some fun and learn a little bit too, but it’s up to you to make sure you have fun no matter what!

Is it their job to pick up your laundry? Is it their job to code your entire website? No, it’s not.

Here’s how responsibilities break down:

  1. Dreamhost provides us web hosting. This means that they are responsible for the filesystem, the apache web server, the network, and for php.
  2. We are responsible for the web authoring. This means that we are each responsible for producing html that, when served up to browsers, produces nice web sites.

Dreamhost is not responsible for making sure that we do our jobs as webmasters. We are each responsible for that ourselves.

Now that that’s cleared up, we each come here to the forums to get help from each other because no man is an island. We are here on the forums to help each other out - that is, to help each other do better and get better at web authoring, webmastering, and the other thing.

With this said, I (and others) will take a look at your site and provide some suggestions to you for what might be wrong. I actually have to get some work done here in the office before I have to take off early for a dentist appointment, so I may not be able to look at this in detail until later. Someone else will probably chime in before me and if anything pops out at me when I glance at this before my next meeting, I’ll reply again!

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While I agree it is not their job to code for me I do expect a certain level of cooperation when troubleshooting an issue. If all my code worked fine before the account went offline and suddenly after it comes back online the website won’t accept any of my info… I suspect it to be a problem on their side of things than on mine since mine is known good. While trying to work with tech support on this the best “support” I got was, “buy better software.” I hardly think this is adequately doing their job to see what could be wrong on their side especially since I didd try new software and it still didn’t work. I can not upload info to the webspace using either Coffeecup or Frontpage; they both give same error.

I would appreciate anyone’s input as to what could cause this probelm. All the pages worked before, I had a logical file structure in the webspace with all pics and vids in appropriately named folders so I could easily identify where each link needed to point and to keep things orderly. Now I can not upload anything through Frontpage though I got some stuff to load (actually, a friend did) through FTP but none of the pics or vids show, just my Frontpage webpages… I tried FTPing some pics but they don’t work and I assume it to be because the pics didn’t go into the correct folder as what the thumbnail is pointing to and I do not know how t orearrange the files on the server once uploaded. I did all that in frontpage and then whenever I “published” the new structure, it all just “worked.”

I’m a computer retard… and ESPECIALLY when it comes to web pages!!

As I see it, you have two options:

  1. Try to figure out your problem with FTP’ing directly from Frontpage.
  2. Undo the mess that’s been created by manually uploading the files into the “wrong” directories.

Do you know whether your site uses Frontpage extensions or whether you’re just using Frontpage to create standard pages? From viewing the page source for your site, it seems to me that you’re just creating a regular site. This would indicate to me that you should consider moving away from Frontpage since you can and because it is being sunsetted.

Anyway, I think you’ve narrowed down your problem to the fact that your images are in the wrong directory on the server.

I suggest that you either use a free FTP or SFTP client or use Dreamhost’s webFTP capability to log in to your server and your site’s web directory and move the files around there.

Personally, I use WinSCP, which is a Windows-based SFTP client. I think it works great and provides an easy-to-use front end and also provides very secure access to the files on your server. You will need to enable SFTP or shell access for the username you’re using. This is on the “Users>Manage Users” page on the panel. “Edit” your user and you’ll be able to set one of those two options.

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Hmm. I see that I’ve just wasted all of my time trying to help because you created two threads for the same problem and that you’ve already solved the problem over in the other one. :@

This is why cross-posting is bad.

Here is the other thread.

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yes, the pics not showing solved the problem of why they didn’t load… I am manually uploading all of them now using webftp through NET2FTP (I think this is Dreamhosts FTP)

THis does not addres the root cause of the issue of why I can’t publish directly from my HTML Editor software whether it be Frontpage OR CoffeeCup… Both gave same port 21 error.

I do not care about which program I use… CoffeeCup seemedeasy enough to use with a pretty intuitive GUI but it failed to load just as Frontpage did… this is why I was questioning tech support in the first place… I have since (wit hthe help of this forum) found the workaround to this by using the FTP to load pages and pics I already created but it does not address WHY I can’t just upload like I used to before things went weird with the site…

Thanks very much for your help in this matter… it is much more on point and helpful than anything i got from tech support.

I’m a computer retard… and ESPECIALLY when it comes to web pages!!