Why can't I use an FTP program?

  1. If I’m “transferring files” to dreamobjects why can’t I use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program?

  2. Does DreamObjects use a different protocol to transfer the files?

  3. Is everything going away from FTP? Do I need to “upgrade” to whatever this new protocol for transferring files is and get rid of my FTP programs?

I realize these are stupid questions, and I’ve RTFM (knowledge base, actually) several times, but I still feel kinda lost.

Thank you.

There are no stupid questions :slight_smile:

You can’t use FTP with DreamObjects because DreamObjects doesn’t understand FTP. It’s that simple. But there are programs that can interface both with FTP servers and DreamObjects. So head to the page below and try any of these applications:

I don’t understand the question #3 though… Try to rephrase it please.

Right. I kind of understood that. What I don’t understand is … how is FTP different than DreamObjects? How is it that FTP can’t work with DreamObjects? Why won’t it work?

At the end of the day, both protocols transfer files. So…somehow, it seems to me, that FTP transfers files in a different way than DreamObjects. But how? Why won’t one work with the other?

Is FTP becoming a protocol that is fading out or will no longer be used? Is whatever DreamObjects is a newer way to move files that will become the “standard” way to transfer files?

Because if it is, I want to look carefully at different software so I buy a quality and easy to use software that doesn’t make me crazy. :slight_smile: If it isn’t, well, I can limp along with a freebie.

They look similar but they are radically different behind the scene… Some information are on this page:

And you can read a lot about object storage systems on Wikipedia and other sources.

Assuming that when you say FTP you’re really talking about SFTP (the secure version of it). SFTP will stay around because it serves its purpose. For example, it’s still quite useful to transfer files into a remote directory where such files can be accessed by a web server.
And DreamObjects (and other similar systems) serves a different different purpose. For example, to store images for a website in convenient URI.

Hope this helps

PS FTP (without the S) is a protocol that’s been schedule to disappear for a while now

ftp without the leading “s” should have been buried 10 years ago. It’s an insecure protocol that no one anywhere should be using in 2017. Move to SFTP immediately if not sooner.