Why can't i get into the statistics of my website?

I’m trying to check the statistics and it asks me for a username and password even though I’m clearly already logged in.

What gives?

I entered the webpanel user and pass but it wont accept it.

please help?

And why isn’t this image below showing up?

It looks like you’re running WordPress. Have you seen this:

And when you mentio the webpanel user and pass, you mean the one you created to access the stats area?

I changed the password and its still not letting me in. i enter the user and password in the pop up box and the box just pops up again

your stats username and password are not necessarily the same as your DH username and password. in fact, you shouldn’t use the same username and password because stats are protected by basic authentication and, unless you have an SSL certificate and IP address, you’re sending your details unencrypted.

you can set the username and password in the stats area of the panel