Why Brazil isn´t listed on GoogleCheckout?

I was extremely exited on setting up an account here at DH filled the form, putted the promo-code and for my surprise Google Checkout did not has my country listed :frowning: I wonder why some countries like Haiti, Paraguay, Cambodia are listed and Brazil is not ?
I don´t have nothing against those countries the question is why this limited listing, and why can´t we simply use PayPal, which I always use to buy on eBay, to pay for the hosting.

I´m kind of disappointed right now :frowning: I want to say that I really liked the DH´s philosophy of “employee-owned” company and the way you organize things here. But this I was not expecting just from you.

Is that any way for me to be an DH´s member ?

P.S: About money order or check I never used that way of payment on international business.

ThankYou for all.

You should ask google.
The country list is really weird (there is somes country with a lot of fraud and somes big market coutries are missing…).

But if you ask dreamhost and fax them your credit card you can use your CC to pay.
Ask the support to do so.

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I think you would have to ask Google this. Google Checkout is still fairly new, so perhaps more countries will be added over time.

PayPal is still a valid payment option for DreamHost, but unfortunately not for all potential customers. The way I understand it, if something about your application triggers the automated fraud detection system, you will be directed to pay via Google Checkout. Nobody outside of DreamHost is quite sure what triggers the fraud detection system, as DreamHost has (understandably) not released these details publicly.

I appreciate that, if I was in your position, I would be somewhat annoyed too. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of fraud on the Internet these days, I don’t think companies such as DreamHost have much of a choice.

The process should be straight forward enough. Here in Australia, we can buy international money-orders from any post office. Unfortunately, this method of payment is not the quickest, as you need to wait for the money-order (or check) to reach DreamHost in California.


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Even Nigeria made the list. :cool:

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Hum, so the list comes directly from Google and not from DH ?

As a new user I don´t know what happened. It used to have a PayPal option here at DH ? Why they drop support them ?

Hope that this question may be solved.

moua, thanks for the quick answer :wink:

Thanks to everybody for the replies.

I think both DH and Google Checkout are careful with fraud.

as stated clearly by DH and mark, money order seems an good solution for you.

other than that, the only think we can do is to contact DH support to explain your situation.

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They didn’t, PayPal is still a valid payment option for some (most?) potential customers.

DreamHost is constantly ‘tweaking’ the payment system in an effort to reduce fraudulent applications. I recall Josh stating on the DreamHost blog that at one time they were seeing a 20% fraud rate, given this level of fraud, I think they are completely justified in taking steps to reduce it. Unfortunately, this does mean that some honest customers are inconvenienced when attempting to sign-up, but the blame lies with the fraudsters, not DreamHost.


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There was (and still is) a similar problem with Bulgaria…

After a lot of emails… where we are is here:

  1. We created an account and web id.
  2. Login to panel after that.
  3. Add your credit card data.
  4. Add a new hosting plan, but do not pay (as your card is not listed in GoogleCheckout!)
  5. Send fax with credit card data

And after that…


Now we hope, that after receiving the fax and comparing to the CC data in the system, DH team will add the card and we’ll be able to pay using our VISA and get access to DreamHost services:)

Dreamhost team was very supportive and helpful, I hope that everyone can sign for an account, even from a country which is not listed, but it’s a bit more complicated…

NOTE: Hey, DreamHost guys/girls, why don’t you include somewhere in a visible place during payment process, what people should do, when they cannot use Google Checkout? I think, this question arises a lot!

This seems a good solution. Although we need to fax and wait, at least we are able to use the credit card to solve the problem.

Thanks for posting the solution. Now DH fans are able to come in :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve mailed support and they suggested the money order option. I prefer using CC because of many things: it´s easier, more secure for both parts and the main reason is that in my country I don’t know a safe way to send money orders to USA. I mailed them to know more details but response is pending.

I’ll them suggest the fax way of signing up. Maybe they will admit my request.

About the suggestion from lelion for DH to put more instructions on the sign up form I agree completely.

Hi José!

I’m brazilian too and I had the same problems signing up. They told me to fill in this form [dreamhost.com/fax/] and fax it to the number on the top. The problem is, I paid the post office R$7 (~ 3 USD) to send the fax (and I have the confirmation report printed by the machine), but DreamHost said they did not recieve it.

I told DreamHost they should offer other payment methods. Preventing fraud shouldn’t mean giving legitimate customers a hard time. But they said they could do nothing about it and reffered me to GoDaddy.com (I did sign up, and their service is terrible, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone).

I also sent an e-mail to Google and they said they are working to add more countries to GC, but they can’t give a forecast of when it will be available in Brazil.

I was almost giving up until a friend of mine that lives in Spain helped me out and paid it with his credit card. I have just opened my account.

Anyway… Just commenting on my experience. Hope you have more luck than I had with the fax thing. :slight_smile:


Hello Rafael,

That’s really a problem. I don´t know anyone who lives outside Brazil to ask this favor for me, besides I still didn’t received any response from support regarding the sending of fax.

Let me ask you, do we have to send the fax from the post office here in Brazil or it was your choice ?

But it’s like they say: - Where there’s a will there’s a way.

This is a seious problem. Some people do have the difficulties with the payment. I faxed the form before. But that was because DH asked me to fax the form. I’ll suggest you NOT to fax UNLESS DH askes you to do so. I had better luck when I faxed last time. DH received the fax in 24 hours and approved my account in 48 hours.

DH may be busy sometimes. I hope they will solve the problem and grow more customers

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Hi everybody,

They replied me and authorized me to send the fax. I’ll send it and wait what follows.


If there is nothing wrong, you should be able to get your account activated in 72 hours. (do not forget to remind DH. they are always busy)

Good luck!

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I don’t have a fax at home or at work, that’s why I had to send it from the post office.

Hopefully the fax payment will work for you. I’ve been moving my sites to DreamHost during this afternoon, and their service is really great. You can do whatever you want using the control panel, even editing DNS records, unlike most cPanel-based hosting services out there. Amazing stuff! You’ll really enjoy it. :slight_smile:

[quote]I don’t have a fax at home or at work, that’s why I had to send it from the post office.


Has anybody tried Internet Fax?



Particularly “free” fax?


http://faxzero.com/ US Destinations

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Register an account, login, add credit card to account, send fax, send support request,wait to get account and credit card approved, then select plan and make payment.

It worked… Horray! :slight_smile:

But I would strongly recommend to DreamHost Team to state this possible way of paying using credit card, for users in countries not listed in Google Checkout, on the page with payments and selecting plans! Life will be much easier after that… :slight_smile:

great. thanks for sharing. at least we find a solution for those people who can’t pay using paypal.

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Yes, and these are great news!

Only that we had to exchange lots of support emails… I think we need now nice clean self-explanatory link on the page “SELECT A PLAN NOW, PAY USING: … … …” :wink: …which will lead to a short explanation “How do I pay using my credit card, if I cannot use Google Checkout: Steps”…

Hey, DreamHost support guys, that’s your job! :-)))