Why am I considered pending?

I am trying to set up a web hosting with dream host but I am stuck at pending. I thought I could try out dreamhost. I tried to set up a hosting account, but it did not work. I am afraid it is because I did not finish the registration process or something.

There are certain automated checks in the process. One is that the credit card used must be valid and must take a small charge followed by a refund. Other checks might involve your region of the world and if the payment type matches, or your billing address matches the area your connection is coming from. Dreamhost of course really doesn’t tell us every check in their security and anti-fraud system.

The bad news is that it it sounds like you have been pushed into the manual approval queue, and manual approvals only occur during normal business hours (PST/GMT-8) on Monday thru Friday.

So they won’t be in for a couple hours. Okay thank you for the info.