Why am I being capped?

Decided to take advantage of the 50 gig Back Up User that comes with hosting account… after uploading about 20 gigs to a folder to prepare to rsync it all over to the backup user account… Now, ALL of my ftp users AND even rsync has slowed to a crawl!
No, there are no scripts running out of control on any website I have hosted, nor any out of control cgi or crons… I think it is simple… I’m being capped now.
So, after filling out ticket… no response in hours, and for the first time ever not even an automated response saying that the issue has been received by DH!
This is not good DH!

Anybody else go through this?

We don’t intentionally throttle uploads, and certainly not across multiple servers. You may want to check with your ISP to see if you’re being throttled on their end, though, as uploading 20 GB may have tripped something on their end.