Why httpd cann't open

Why httpd cann’t open

Maybe more of a description of your problem would help us figure out WTF you’re talking about :wink:

OK what is the ip address of and what are you trying to ask?

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I have one host is created in this ip server

but cann’t open 2 days

is down?

Not sure what you’re trying to say… but unless you assigned a unique IP to one of your domains, you can’t access it by going to http://ip-number – just by the domain name.

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perhaps this wiki article will be of some help. You can’t access a site directly by it’s IP address unless you have purchased and set up a unique IP. You can however, access your site before changing over the DNS information by following the instructions in the article I linked to.

Hope this helps.

art.googlies.net - personal website

i have one domain zend.menfeng.com ->

but now cann’t open for 2 days

if the server is down ?? or only other reason ???

Looks like the server is down to me.
Might want to file a support ticket :wink:

Menfeng.com doesn’t seem to be hosted here–is that your domain, or is someone just letting you use a subdomain?

You might want to check with support to see if you’ve done everything needed to only host a subdomain here. I’ve never bothered doing it, but I’d imagine there are settings that would need to be changed at your registrar… or else we could all just add subdomains of other peoples domains.

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You should check the DNS info in your control panel for that subdomain to make sure the IP address didn’t change. I seem to recall something from the DreamHost status page about some servers moving around.

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