Whos DH discount code should i use?

hey guys… i notice a lot of you have " 97 dollar refund stuff… in your sigg"

whats the deal… is it something like… dh pays you… and by your “word”… you then pay the person signing up with your code? by what means?

Im looking to sign up with dh host some stage this year… but Im on a small budget… and Some how it just doesnt make sense in my mind to sign up for a plan… that cost 121$ and get a $97 dollar refund… (providing that the person is honest… and pays up)…

is that real money? or just credit to use at DH?

because if it were real money, the money would be used for a SSL certicate that I really should have for what Im looking to do… i think ive found them for as low as $99… allthough it sounds more like a permanent “rent” of a certificate… like they are an on renter\ on seller… kinda thing…

Nope, the discount comes straight off your purchase price when you purchase the hosting. :slight_smile:

Basically, The DreamHost promo-code system works like this; DreamHost pays existing customers $97 for each new customer they bring to DreamHost, they also allow existing customer to offer some (or all) of that $97 as a discount to those that they refer by creating special ‘promo-codes’. When a new customer uses one of these customer created promo-codes, the discount is immediately subtracted from the plan cost.


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For instance with 1 year L1 plan, it cost $119,4-$97 = $22,4 to pay.

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its real money, not DH credit.

be aware the discount is only for the first purchase, when you have to renew it will be at full price.

as for the question in the topic, use whatever promo code you want, you can see the discount it provides on the signup page before you pay.

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I would recommend paying for 2 years if you can afford it, to spread the discount out over 2 years.

Pay just [color=#CC0000]$22.40[/color] for 1 year Dreamhost hosting, use promo-code [color=#CC0000]MOJO97[/color]
Save [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] on all 1 and 2 year plans!! (Max saving on monthly plans too!!)

You may want to refer this for more infor about 97 refund http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting-rewards.html People get money from DH for referring people. DH will first credit the money to your bill and give you the excess money through paypal.

as they said, you do not need to pay $121 but only $121-97=$24.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot, be sure to use a credit-card or Google checkout when paying, so that you qualify for the 97 day full money back guarantee (minus $9.95 that is subtracted for your initial domain registration, if you use it).


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As far as which code to use, we generally recommend that you use a code from someone you have especially appreciated the assistance or advice from. There’s too many of us here to use all of the codes you see.

From time to time DH will have their own codes that may in fact be worth more than $97. (of course none of us will get the credit at that point but at least you’ll be a customer).

Certs are a bit more complex to use and even free certs are available (cacert.org) but there are always limitations - the big one is that you must use a static IP address (I believe it’s $3 a month) to use the certificate.


You can find certs much cheaper than $99. I’ve used Godaddy certs here without any problems and they’re only $19.99/year, $17.99/year for 2+ years, or $15.99/year for 10 year payment.

You’ll need to add a dedicated IP to your account for the SSL cert, which is $3.95/month.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with ALMOST97 promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with THEFULL97.

Thanks for updating that. I’m a bit disappointed I underestimated the amount there.

Note: Not all certs are equal. cacert.org does them for free but they are not automatically recognized as a valid CA by most browsers (yet). It is possible to import the “root certificate” for them and then they work like any other cert.

But you shouldn’t have to pay out your butt for security. If your customers trust you, it’s possible to issue your own certs if you can get your customers to accept them.


hey thanx guys… that brings much relief…