Whoops, there goes my DB Hostname

Hi all, I accidentally (by which I mean totally, purposefully), deleted one of my DB hostnames. The database is still listed, but I have no way of accessing it! How do I assign a new host name to the database?

You can access any of your databases through any of your hostnames. All that matters is the user you log in as. If you care which hostname you connect through, then recreate the one you deleted.

Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Wow, thanks a million!

Did you get it working? When the above poster said you can connect through any of your hostnames, that’d be just to any of your DB hostnames. They’ll all be on the same server.

On the off chance that you don’t have other databases, I’d bet you can create a new one with a DB hostname, and that hostname will work for your deleted hostname.