Whoops--need to change domain on hosting account

I registered my hosting account with a domain I already own. I also picked a new one and would rather host it here versus transferring the existing domain name. I have not yet set anything up–is this an option–before I delete anything? Can you direct me to the help area on this matter?


Did you already select all the options for transferring the registration and extending the registration?

BTW, you should submit a support ticket from the control panel ASAP if you want to change any of your registration transfer instructions. I dunno if you can cancel such things from the control panel either.

If your account isn’t set up yet, you can contact support from this URL:

This forum is mostly a customer-to-customer forum, btw. DreamHost doesn’t actively or regularly participate unless we get too rowdy.

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If a transfer or registration already went through, that’s probably what you’re stuck with. If it’s pending, and you decline it from the other end, you might be able to start over.

Also, if you just registered the other domain you want to use, note that you can’t transfer a domain until after 60 days of being registered or renewed.

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