Wholesale transfer of web pages?


I’ve got a dead simple web site at my old host (www.oldhost/user/myusername) and I’d love to simply wave a wand and have the hundred or so pages just transferred to my new domain here as dreamhostdomain.net with their www.oldhost/user/myusername links redone automatically as dreamhostdomain.net.

Any hope of doing this automatically, or is it hours and hours of SeaMonkey/FileZilla fun in store?


I assume the old site is not hosted in DH.

I am afraid there is no magic wand. You will need to manually transfer the files to DH. I’ll suggest you to zip all your files from your old host, transfer the zip file to DH and unzip it. The file size will be much smaller and it will be much faster.


Assuming that you have static HTML files, you can tar/zip the whole thing and transfer it to DH, then use sed to rewrite all of the links from the old domain to the new domain. If you used relative links throughout, there should be almost nothing that needs to be changed.


Thanks! I have someone from another forum helping me with the sed command.


Actually, I ended up doing this with TextWrangler, made it super easy and fast to port all to the new domain. Now I just need to figure out how to update the old site with redirects to this one…