Whois problems

I registered two domains but they doesn’t show up in Whois. When I click the domain name in the Registrations screen (https://panel.dreamhost.com) I get:
IP Address:
Maximum Daily connection limit reached. Lookup refused

I can then click the “Modify WHOIS…” button, but the fields aren’t filled out with the information I originally entered. By updating them again, I get a mail which says “modification success!” but this info isn’t available later on.

I usually use the command line ‘whois’ for my lookups. It at least shows what the world will see, plus there isn’t a daily limit.

You can post your domain name for us to check if you’re still having problems. Or you can contact Support.


In additon to the small problem in the Dreamhost panel, my own ISP’s Whois service had problems as well, so I was sure something was wrong. Checked with http://who.is and there everything looked correct, so it’s not really a problem anymore. Thanks anyway.