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Is there anyway to prevent your personal details appearing when someone runs a Whois search on you?


Most registrars allow you to make your information private. It costs extra most of the time. I don’t know if DH allows it with their domains(I haven’t looked to see). I know godaddy does if you happen to use them. What they do is change all of the information to their company but you still own the domain. You cannot make your information private if you own a .us domain (and they wonder why not everybody is jumping on the bandwagon to get one).

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From what I can tell, you are putting a lot of trust into a registrar that you let put their info in there. The owner listed there is the real owner of the domain, at least as far as a dispute is concerned. They keep a record of who is supposed to own it, so you just have to trust that’s the case.


Yeah well I very much doubt someone like godaddy or network solutions would have you privatize your domain name just so they can debo it. It’s in the tos that you own the domain if you do that anyhow. I think it’s a good service to have but I see no reason to not display my information. Someone might want to know about a domain I have (to buy it for instance) since I have a couple that aren’t being used for anything. There are other avenues someone can take, other than my whois info, if they were trying to find me for malicious purposes.

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Dreamhost doesn’t provide the private registration service. You need to go through a third-party to do so. I’ve been very happy with GoDaddy’s Domains By Proxy.

Dreamhost has said that they see themselves as a host that happens to register domains, not a full-service registrar.

Good luck!


GoDaddy’s privacy option is ok. Their hosting sucks though that’s why I said Good By Godaddy and came here.

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Using the same host and domain registrar is going to bite you in the ass sooner or later. That’s why I try to not do that. I did get the 1 free domain from DH though XD

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Agreed. That said, DH just makes it too easy to use referral dollars to buy another domain.


I usually just put my first and last name… everything else is false. I get too many credit card offers and such when I listed my address.

If you want a real address, get one from the Post Office. I’m sure they can use the money since everyone is using email, UPS, and Fedex these days.


Fake domain info may come back to haunt you. What are you afraid of?

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There are a lot of legitimate reasons for many people to want their home info private. I rent a PO box because I don’t want every stranger in the world to have super easy access to my (and my family’s) address. And what about those who don’t want specific abusive people to find their new address? There are a lot of examples. But IMO no good reason to provide false info.



I highly doubt it will come back to haunt me, unless i’m a business - but then I would provide the business address. I use a PO Box because I don’t want random people appearing at my door step or threatening me or my family if they were someone crazy by chance. To pay 40 dollars a year, is worth it. It gives me a bigger sense of security.

I also hate receiving junk mail at my house. To this date I still get offers relating to my web site.


if you can’t afford a PO Box or can’t get one, why is it such a bad idea? As long as your name is there, you are the legal owner of the domain. You can even put your state too, it’ll still be hard to find you.

I already contacted Network Solutions, Register.com, and a few other domain name sellers and they said all that counts is the name (This was a few years back when i didn’t have a PO Box).


I would be mostly concerned about my registrar finding out I broke the agreement, the part about providing correct information. I certainly wouldn’t want to lose the use of my domain(s). If your registrar told you that you didn’t have to provide this information, that wouldn’t be such a worry. Probably most people who register with fake info are never tailed by the you-fibbed-on-the-form police, but it doesn’t seem worth the risk.



The agreement is there to keep people honest and obeying.

NetSol provides private domain registration, I rather use that then provide false information. I belive my name would still be on each of the contacts, just the email address and home address would be covered up by NetSol’s mail routing system. Its cheaper then the PO Box, at 9.00/yr for netsol.

I prefer the security of a PO Box since DH doesn’t offer private registration. If they wanted to offer it, they could put our account number after their address on the whois info, then just foward the mail by looking up our address listed on our DH account. That would be a lot of extra work though.


Fake info could cause you to lose your domain at some point in the future for various reasons. For instance, if somebody hacks into the registrar and transfers the domain from you, you might have trouble proving you’re the real registrant in order to get it back if the contact info is fake. If some trademark or copyright owner alleges that you are using the domain to violate intellectual property, and they challenge or sue it, you might not even receive notice of the dispute and there could be a default judgment against you resulting in loss of the domain. Use of fake info might also be regarded as evidence of bad faith registration in the case of a dispute.

– Dan


That is true, however, if the registrar agrees with you in providing a fake address, then simple put in those fields, FAKE ADDRESS, USE CONTACT EMAIL. The registrar still has your real address when you sign up, such as your billing address with the credit card you purchased the domain with. So they have your REAL information on file.

Your name should not be false, neither shall your email. That solves the contact problem.

I always suggest you make arrangements with your registrar first, before doing it though. Some may not like it, some may. As long as you can provide some type of contact info.


DreamHost was sending out WHOIS confirmations today - at least I got some for my domains that were registered through them.

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Same, I received one email for each domain I have registered with DreamHost;

Given the line below (quoted from the emails), it seems that DreamHost is required to send these emails.

[color=#0000CC]*** ICANN requires us to send you this reminder once a year. ***[/color]


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I don’t have my personal info up because at the moment I’m a student and therfore a transient person, I live somewhere thats not my home, so its fake info for the time being untill I get a perminate address, I but my names that I have are my actual nick names so it’s not 100% fake, but why whois information is public I have no idea, what if I want to run a site thats 100% announous, you’d have to use fake info or register a company…