Is there a way to change your registered WHOIS info? Can DH privately register it under their name? I need to change my WHOIS info quickly. Anyone?


Go to the Domains tab and click Registrations. You can modify your domain whois info there. And no, they do not offer private registrations.

All of this assums that the domain is registered with dreamhost.



There are other registrars that offer a privacy option. The free domain you get from Dreamhost when you signup, however, needs to be registered with them.

But as you host other domains (at no charge under the same plan) you can get those registered anywhere you want - DH or elsewhere.

If elsewhere then you just have them point to DH’s DNS servers.

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I have a question concerning this topic, so I’ll just put it here, instead of a new thread, and hope others see it.

My domain host (not DreamHost) offers this privacy thing, but it would show as being registered under their name and info. Does this mean it is their property, or what? I’m not saying they’d hijack the domain or whatever, but in theory, could they claim it as their own? Also, would I still have access to my domain, being able to change DNS info, add/delete features and services, etc.? I’d like to do the privacy thing, but I am very hesitant to put it in someone else’s name. Thanks.



Technically it may reside in their ownership in the eyes of ICANN, but under contract, they are obligated to return the ownership of the domain to you. If they don’t, you can sue them to get it back. That’s the way it works.



Interesting question. I did a bit of research, and didn’t find any definitve answers. But the wikipedia has a nice section on “Domain name system”. The first thing I found was opinion that the privacy isn’t worth it becuase bygodaddy gave any the informaiton too easly.

Regardless, basically the registrar is required to collect informaiton on you for them to set up the contract between you and ICANN. Providing false informaiton can loose you the domain. by that it would seem that you still own the domain is yours, even though WHOIS info doesn’t show it as such.

There have been court ruling that declair domans as property (see sex.com vs. Verisign article at wiki pedia) And the reinforces the idea that the domain is yours regardless of the publicaly aviable informaiton.

I only wonder what whould happen if a registrar went out of business, or decided they didn’t want to release a domain for transfer - how much harder is it going to be to get your domain back, since the records that prove it’s yours arn’t publicaly avilable?



Thanks for the info, guys.

I am the co-owner of a website, whose original domain name was hijacked by the then-host. I’m not sure who the domain name’s registrar info was under, but my friend was the real owner. When another friend threatened the host (because of other issues we had with them) with getting domain names like HOSTNAMEsucks.com, they terminated the account (again, it was under my other friend’s name, not the one who made the threats) and stole the domain name. My friend didn’t sue, but I wish she had.



you don’t have to sue, a first step would be filing a complaint with the ICANN. A transfering registar could start the complaint process for you. I don’t know if there’s a time-line on this process, but it’s probably pretty generous. I think a domain lock is probably a good idea.



Thanks for the info, Matttail! I’ll mention that to my friend.