Is it mandatory to have completely accurate information for the WHOIS information for your domain? I’m paranoid about anyone being able to get my home address and email. I can see that it is possible in the webpanel to change this info, but I’m not sure about the ramifications of “altering” it.



I believe you are required to provide correct information for this.

I have started keeping my domain registrations at www.registerfly.com

For $1 they will replace all your details with their details.

Putting fake info in WHOIS, or letting a registrar or hosting provider put their info instead of yours, can be dangerous; it might be used against you if the domain gets challenged under the UDRP, or sued under cybersquatting laws, and might make it difficult or impossible to recover your domain if it gets hijacked through somebody hacking the registrar, or if the registrar themselves turns crooked and claims ownership of domains that really belong to customers.

– Dan