Who would use "Strictly Business?"

Please help me, because I’m trying to understand this.

The difference between the Strictly Business plan ($80/month) and the Code Monster plan (currently priced at $20/month) is:

  • one unique IP address which you can buy for $4/month
  • one SSL certificate which you can buy for $190/year, or $16/month
  • 25% more disk space and bandwidth (but half of what you could get by simply adding another Crazy Domain Insane plan to your account)
  • two VPN users – a complex feature which could be largely replicated with a proper SSH configuration, an SFTP client, or WebDAV on a secure server

The feature matrix also lists Miva Merchant, which would be worth it if you wish to use it, as I did, but if you actually upgrade to the Strictly Business plan you find out that it’s no longer offered in favor of a free open source solution. (Guess how I discovered this…)

Luckily, I was able to downgrade immediately without hassle, so I didn’t lose any money or significant time over the Miva Merchant mistake. It did annoy me that I made a business decision based on out-of-date public information, but I’ll leave it to somebody else to flame them who was hurt by it more than me.

But it got me wondering. With the L4 plan currently costing $60 more than the L3 plan, and with the difference being $20 worth of features… What is it for? Even if Code Monster were at full price right now, what am I missing that makes Strictly Business even a rational business decision?

It doesn’t look like you need any help at all; your analysis looks to be “right on the money” to me :wink: .

It did not use to be this way, as in the “old days” the differences in bandwidth, storage, mysql availability, and number of domains, email accounts, and users were pretty pronounced. When you started adding multiple “extra domain” packages (that carried a charge in addition to the basic plan and provided extra domains and users) and other “ups” (for things such as increased bandwidth, more email addresses, and more storage, static iP, ssl, and even , at one point, exta MySQL databases) to an existing Dreamhost account, it often made financial sense to go with “Strictly Business” as it was a cheaper “bundle” than buying the equivalent services under a different plan.

With Dreamhost’s current unlimited domains/sub-domains, ssl availability with Code Monster, Unlimited MySQL, greatly increased user and email allowances, and ridiculous bandwidth and storage allocations, the picture is now a lot different. :slight_smile:


Who would choose Strictly Business? The ones that picked it up on the $7/month sale with a lifetime price-lock. :wink:

Personally, I have Code Monster at the 2-year pricing–and even that is way more than I need.

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It’s all about division into sectors.

It’s the same everywhere.

For instance, the black macbook 2Ghz with 80GB HDD cost $150 more than white macbook 2Ghz with HDD upgrade.

That’s a lot just for black color, but many people buy it.

Here it’s about the same, you pay a lot more just for a few little features (exept maybe VPN) if you buy them separately.

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Yeah, that is true. But the thing here is that in the past, there was a big difference between what the two plans offered–and the prices were actually closer at that time (pre-code monster sale).

Now, most of those differences are gone and the 50% off Code Monster sale has taken the shape of regular pricing.

I would guess that Crazy Domain Insane is already their best selling plan, but if you were to take away the Code Monster sale, I think most people would take these “second choices” in this order:

  1. Just go with Crazy Domain Insane.
  2. Sign up for Code Monster and pay full price.
  3. Sign up for Strictly Business.

That’s just my opinion, of course. I think #4 would be choosing to host elsewhere–if they came with the intentions of saving 50% and saw that the sale was over. Otherwise, if they were unaware of the sale, I think the regular Code Monster price is fair and falls within scale of their offerings.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I think it’s great that it’s unlikely that most people will need to shell out the higher price for Strictly Business. On the other hand, DH would be crazy to phase it out, since people will sign up for it. I think their latest dedicated version of the plan shows there’s a demand for it.

Besides the people that actually need the resources of the high end plan, I’d imagine there are probably even a few people that would rather have a $60 - $80/month tax write-off than a $10 - $20 one.

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