Who would I direct an MP3 question to?


Is there an email address for policy questions?


that was me, forgot to sign in like an idiot :-p Thanks!


Would this be an enquiry regarding Dreamhost policy on copyright MP3?

If yes, then this extract from a recent announcement by Dreamhost may be of interest to you…

[color=#00CC00]As a reminder, please note that the distribution or procurement of unlicensed copyrighted content in conjunction with your DreamHost account is strictly against our Terms of Service, and can result in account disablement - without refund or warning. Not only that, but such activity is illegal and can result in a fair bit of legal trouble!

We will be cracking down on such unlicensed distribution in the near future, so we ask that you go through your accounts as soon as possible and make sure that you have received permission from the copyright owner to distribute any content you host with us (if you’re the copyright owner, obviously, you can distribute your own material without receiving permission!).[/color]

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Thank you for that info
I’ll delete all the illegal things on My website at once – I don’t want to bring trouble to DH and myself –
as you know in my country(don’t ask me which one :sunglasses: nobody really take “copyright” as serious.
Sorry for that.
Thank all.


No problem, just repeating the info in the DreamHost announcement.

That is probably a good idea. I doubt whether DreamHost would actively check each account (although they may), but it only takes one person to find a copyrighted article on your webspace and make a complaint for things to turn nasty.

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