Who Is --

I’ve been trying to find out who or what is spidering my web sites lately. Every time I try pinging or tracert on I get an incomplete report. I’m at the point where I might try to block the IP in my robot.txt files on my sites becuase I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a spam spider or not… (this IP is showing up in mass on a message board I run – something like 3-15 incidents at a time)

But thena gain, if it’s some new Search ENgine project or a reknown searchengine (googlebot, MSNBot, etc) with a hidden WhoIs, that would cause problems.

Is anyone else getitng a lot of hits from this IP lately?

The IP is allocated to Microsoft. For some reason, they generally don’t bother setting up reverse DNS for their crawlers. Usually the access logs will have a user-agent string that indicates what it is, though - do you see “msnbot” or something similar?

Sometimes it shows up as such, sometimes it shows up as the IP alone.

It jsut got strange.