Who Are These People?

I am just learning to use putty to do some simple file tasks.

When I run the “who” command I get other users on the system. xxxxxxxxx.ne.client2.attbie.com and girlie xxxx.zipcon.net. What is going on?

I wish I hadn’t typed in “last.” Does that thing ever end? So am I right in thinking all those who log into a particular server can see each other, but each can only access the home directory he possesses?

If yes, then why?

Hey there Bob, I just logged in and poked around a bit to see if you could indeed list files in another user’s dir, I could cd into any user dir apparently but I couldn’t ls (permission denied)…

Am I doing something wrong or is this clamped down where I can’t browse user dirs?

What made me curious was the fact that I have a subdomain set up to use ssl and I wondered if a user on the same machine could just surf in and find files to read (I just use the self certed spot for transferring semi sensitive info now and then).


For a really good time, type:

and then write a rude message and hit control-d.

Ok - don’t actually do that. :>

…don’t actually do that if no one else is logged on, you mean. Unless you have a habit of talking to yourself :>>

Reminds me of first year comp sci, met this chick by 'talk’ing to other users on the VAX whose username revealed they were in same class.

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