Whitelisting large address book in spam assassin

I have a customer who has just begun using Spam Assassin, and wants to whitelist their whole address book. The address book is in Outlook and has over 1200 entries. From what I have been able to figure out, it is possible to whitelist the Squirrel Mail addressbook, but it is not possible to import a large number of addresses from Outlook to Squirrel Mail. If he can’t get the address book into Squirrel Mail, how can he whitelist the addresses without adding all 1200 individually?!

I need to know how to import a large address book to Squirrel Mail, and how Spam Assassin would manage a whitelist that large.

The customer is checking his junk folder daily and whitelisting as needed, but he still wants to whitelist all 1200 of his business addresses.

Is this the way to handle whitelisting a large number of addresses, or is there another strategy to deal with this?


You might be better off installing a local copy of SpamAssassin and doing it that way. The user would have to be an FTP account.