Whitelisting addresses for autoresponders

Hey there!

I use the autoresponder to let people know I’m too busy to respond to all email or response may be delayed. But with some of my most important contacts, I will always want to respond no matter how busy I am, and I would love DreamHost’s autoresponder to not send the automated message to those people. For instance: I’d rather not have my contacts at Apple receive my autoresponder, so I would enter *@apple.com in DreamHost’s interface.

Might be an easy thing to make for you guys?

Thanks for listening!


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In addition to this, I would also love to see a way to not send the autoresponse to emails containing certain words in the subject line, and I’d like to be able to set the amount of days after which another auto respond will be sent!

Maybe @smaffulli can respond to whether this is something the team is interested in adding or not? :slight_smile:

I hope someone is reading this?

Oh, yes, someone’s reading :slight_smile: I mentioned this request to atmail developers a few weeks ago and they said they will evaluate it. Unfortunately I cannot say anything more than this, I have no eta or anything else.

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