*whine* HELP *whine*

GAH! I’m so freakin’ frustrated!!!

I’ve been trying to create a site with Dreamhost… it’s going to be an affiliate site and LOTS of content…

I can’t figure bloody Joomla out… plus the registration went screwy somehow and no one from there will reply to my pleas for help with the login problem… I finally created another account just to look at the thing but it’s not noob friendly…

Frontpage pops up a big ole warning that you might not wanna use it…

I don’t know enough HTML/CSS to code a site from scratch… I’m to the point of crying… :frowning:

For the love of GOD… does anyone know an easy way of creating a site without driving myself to… ok… over the brink of insanity? Please use a purple crayon cuz this stuff has just freaked me out…

I have someone who will be working on graphics… I just need to figure out a way to get my info up and organized…

I’ve created some nice sites with freewebs in the past… I need something that easy…

Thanks… I’m exhausted and going to bed… I’ll check back in the morning… sigh

Is it mostly static content or are multiple people going to contribute to the content at the same time? If the former, I’ve found WordPress to be an excellent way of creating a simple website without actually using a “real” site design tool.

Joomla! is a relatively complex content management system and so it will take a while for you to get used to it. You might want to try deleting the whole thing and starting over if you haven’t already uploaded too much content to it.

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wow…there so much frustration coming through on that post I’m not even sure where to start trying to help you. :open_mouth: .

I personally think that Joomla! has one of the best support systems going, with very active forums and great documentation. There are *lot’s of Joomla! tutorials freely available on the net - and google makes them easy to find.

It would also help if you could be more precise in your post - when you say “Frontpage” are you talking about the Joomla! site’s opening page, the admin interface’s “front page”, or MS 's Frontpage html mangler? :wink:

I do know that “crying” won’t help, and what is easy for some is very difficult for others. That said, if Joomla! seems too advanced for you to get your mind around, you might have better luck getting your content up using WordPress.

Frankly, I think there are even simpler CMS systems out there, but you would have to install them yourself, and that might be a bit much for you.

WordPress has a “one-click” install at DH, comes with a huge selection of Pre-installed templates to customize the look of your site, and using its 'pages" functionality, works very well for a “noob” CMS in addition to the blog function for which it was designed.

Most people feel it is much easier to use than Joomla!


he he…GMTA - I was thinking the same thing, and typing while you were! :slight_smile: . Rock ON!


Thanks you two… you’re not going to believe this, but I’m actually a teacher in the real world… LOL I think that’s why I’m sooooooo frustrated right now… I’ve been staring at this stuff so long that I feel like my eyeballs are about to bleed and I still don’t “get” a lot of it… LOL

The Frontpage warning pops up when you try to do the one click install on Dreamhost…

Wordpress is absolutely one of my favorite things in the whole wide world… I can DO Wordpress!

My hangup is that I need to use some scripts to pull in affiliate products for most of the sites that I will be putting up over the next year… I’ll also need to add a forum to at least a couple of them… and I have some scripts for a few other things for other sites as well… Wordpress won’t let me do that, will it?

I think I’m going to get some sleep THEN tackle it again tomorrow after school… if it still doesn’t sink in, I’ll probably just hire someone to help me get started… once I “see” it, I know it…

I told someone tonight that this I feel like I’m learning Greek with ADHD, blindness, and dylexia all at the same time… grin

Thanks for attempting to rescue me and letting me have my moment of meltdown… kiss, kiss

Ah! That! If you are running your domain with PHP5 (you can check from the control panel -> domains -> manage domains, screen - click the “edit” link beneath the “Web Hosting” column for your domain and check!), then you can safely ignore the warning on Magic_Quotes - that is just a bit of “over kill” precaution on the part of the Joomla! team. The other warning that will pop up in the admin back-end is regarding the register_global emulation, and you can (and probably should)fix that with a simple edit to a text file).

If, on the other hand, your inspection of your hosting characteristics for your domain indicate you are running PHP4 on your domain, you should be concerned about the warning about register_globals - the register_globals=ON setting is dangerous.

The easiest way to address this is to change your domain to run PHP5, as described above, which will cause that “warning” to go away.


Oh goodie! That means that Frontpage will probably work for some of my sites… Thank you for that tidbit…

kiss, kiss

I have another problem… I have a domain at godaddy that I want hosted here, so I went to godaddy and changed the nameservers to the ns1.dreamhost.com etc…

Then I added the domain to my list here… when I click the WebFTP link it shows the following error:

Unable to connect to FTP server thedomainname.com on port 21.

Are you sure this is the address of the FTP server? This is often different from that of the HTTP (web) server. Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help.

Any suggestions as to what went wrong and how to fix it? My other godaddy domain that I changed nameservers on a few weeks ago works just fine. Thanks.

Hmm. I hesitate to ask, but has DNS for that domain propagated yet?

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Ohhhhhhh… maybe that’s it… the first domain I sent over here from GoDaddy was almost instantaneous… so I assumed this one would be the same… I’ll play the waiting game and see what happens… thanks…

whispers yes, you’ll probably see more idiot questions… BUT the good new is that I’ve calmed down now and in the light of a new day, I think I MIGHT be able to spank Joomla and make it do my bidding… insert wicked laugh here LOL

YAYYYYYYY!!! I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with Joomla!!! I was in the extensions area… I was trying to muddle through and figure out what on God’s green earth I would need to download to make my site run… I finally figured out that I was in the wrong freakin’ area!!! DOH!

I’m nothing if not an idiot! That’s what I get for trying to learn something new at midnight after a full day’s work and running a family. LOL

exits thread to make Joomla my evil minion MWAHAHAHAHAH


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