Whine about raw log files

You guys gave us plenty of warning that you were changing how log files were named at the first of the month -

So how come NO notice, not even AFTER THE FACT, when you changed the log files again a week and a half later.

My script called for downloading every .gz file that didn’t exist on my local drive, so the lack of notice means I’ve lost some log files. Hey, if that information wasn’t important to me, I’d not bother downloading the files.

And dropping the compression really stinks. It means the difference between downloading a 225064 bytes file on the 9th and a 3244596 byte file on the 10th.

If you guys don’t mind wasting the bandwidth of us downloading the larger files, fine, but out here in Verizon land, I not only can’t get DSL, it’s rare that I can get more than 24000 or 26000 bps on a 56000 bps modem.