Which version of PHP?

I’m trying to install vBulletin vs4 which requires PHP 5.2.6.

I know DH has PHP 5 but I’m hoping they upgrade it as much as possible? Any ideas of exactly which version DH has installed.

Installation of vB went fine when installing vB but I’m getting the error when I click Main Forum at

Thanks for any suggestions


Your domain’s using PHP 5.2.12, so the PHP version isn’t the problem. I’m not too familiar with vBulletin, but the error you’re seeing (“Class ‘vB_Cache’ not found”) makes it sound like you might have some missing or outdated files in your vB install.

Thanks Andrew, you were right. There were some files missing. I loaded the missing files and it now works.

Next time you’re in Sydney, Australia, let me know and I’ll buy you a couple of beers.