Which version of PHP for WordPress?

Which version of PHP should I be running on our DH VPS supporting WordPress?

Currently 5.2.17. A quick look at php.net shows that 5.4 has been released for almost a year. While I appreciate a careful approach to stability (I run a Debian file/mail/application server for a client), even Debian stable is including PHP 5.3.

If an upgrade is appropriate, where is the best place to learn about how to do that for our DH VPS?

If there is more than one answer to the ‘which version’ question, where is the best place to learn about the tradeoffs between my choices?



5.3 is good right now. I know it’s being sunset in March 2013, but … well there are a lot of Linux versions that are on 5.3 (Debian and CentOS for example) so that’s going to be okay for a while yet :slight_smile: WP requires at least 5.2, which we do offer.

The only reasons to use 5.2 are: You want xcache or nginx on your VPS, and aren’t up to installing them on 5.3 (or in the case of nginx, don’t want to upgrade PHP).

I know we want to have 5.3 be the default all around.