Which plan is best for a beginner?



So i am a website developer. I already have 6 websites (clients) and i would like to buy a VPS plan so that i can host all my clients websites on the same server.

I am expecting to have 20 websites in the next few months and i cant decide what’s best plan for me.

I know it’s hard to decide because it depends on how much traffic the websites have or how much disk space they will need, but let’s just assume that the websites are not huge, most of them will be more like informative (custom html from scratch) and the rest will be wordpress (eCommerse, blogging etc)

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


i suggest you, go through some hosting forum and review site then only you will make idea which provider is best for you.

by the way, Can you please detail your requirements/needs ?


It looks like you have a lot of different needs which may be best served by different products. Small static sites can probably be well served by shared hosting plans. Larger sites with ecommerce may require a bit more careful approach than a virtual server with a bunch of other services… If I were you, I’d separate business-critical sites like ecommerce from the rest.

For the business critical sites, I’d use DreamHost Cloud, putting different services on separate servers: SQL database on one server, frontend on another… I’d also invest time into configuration management tools like ansible.

For blogs, I’d save headaches and use DreamPress: let someone else deal with security upgrades, fixes, operating systems upgrade, speed optimization etc. Customers will be happier, too.



The original post is 18 months old. We are reviving this thread because why?


Because Jacob Wallace is hawking his web hosting business.


At least he didn’t recommend four different products for six websites. :wink:


Well, it’s not a bad idea itself but can be overwhelming for a novice of course :slight_smile:

So threadstarter probably will be happy with one VPS properly configured and running :slight_smile: until (if) he faced some performance or security problems of course.

There is a lot of web control panels available now: WebMin, Vesta, ServerSuit or cPanel if you can afford it, so I think even novice can configure and use webserver without need to know anything about Linux and web hosting now.

Therefore I suggest to use VPS for everyone now except those who didn’t want or can spent even small time and effort to configure it.


I recommend you to read the reviews first and then decide. For blogs, i always go for DreamPress. And, for Dreamhost shared hosting, this review can be helpful to you.

I can understand the confusion of choosing plan because I passed from the same situation.

Thank you