Which password do I need to check my stats?

I’ve only had my account for 3 days, so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I’m trying to access (domain name)/stats and of course get asked for my name and password. I have my control panel name and password and my FTP name and password, and no combination seems to work. Any suggestions?

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It is the “user” name and password for the user in whose area the domain is hosted - sometimes they are the same as either your ftp/shell/user, depending on how your account is set-up.

To view or change the password for an ftp/shell/vpn user, please just go to the Manage Users area and click “edit”. Remember that both user name and password are “CaSe SensItiVe”. :wink:


I’ve tried every combination of my name/email and passwords I can think of, then tried changing my password, waited a few minutes and tried it all again, but no luck. I think I will just have to live without knowing my stats. Which is annoying.

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Normally, as rlparker said, the username/password for the user that controls the domain is valid for accessing your analog stats.

You can confirm the valid ‘stats users’ by going to Status -> Site Statistics in the panel and clicking the link under the Stats Users column.


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Changing your password to solve this problem is likely to only make it worse unless you are sure that the new password has taken effect throughout the system. Sometimes this takes a considerable amount of time. If you changed your password in the last hour, or so, make sure and check to see if the new password is working for the function it is primarily intended for (ftp/shell/etc.)

As for stats, remember that the user must be a “shell” or “ftp” user for it to work - if the user is an “email only” user, they are not authorized to view stats by default (the owner/user must set them up in the Control Panel, at the link provided by Mark).

If none of your user/password combinations work, and you are using the appropriate user’s password, you should contact support via the control panel, as it is possible something is “borked” on the Dreamhost end. Good Luck!


A thousand thankyous. I was using my name and/or email address as supplied in the initial welcome emails. But on following Raz2133’s advice I discover that I should be using a truncated version of my name (which I vaguely remember seeing somewhere before). Now I am in! Thnaks again.

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