Which is the password for a new control panel user?


I tried many hours, but did not manage: I want to add a new user to my control panel. I mean, I want to give a person permission to enter https://panel.dreamhost.com/ with a user name and a password and control his domain only (add new database, create new users for his domain etc.). So I went to Account Privileges, created a new user, put a new email, choosed for name an existing name of my users (the one I want to give access), and ticked only the domain I want him to have access. I ticked all the other options. But which is the new control panel user’s password?? I tried my password, I tried user’s password, nothing maches. And the Account Privileges does not have a password option! So how can I set a new user, with a new mail and password, to give access to the control panel?


Since the user was just created, they don’t have a password yet. They will need to create a new password using the “Reset Password” link on the DreamHost Panel login page.