Which is better to use?


this is for DH technicians.

I am working on website that could be fairly popular. I would prefer to make it RoR, but my concern is that if it get a lot of visitors, DH might not be able to handle them.
So question is, if I am fairly good at optimization in both PHP and RoR, which would you say could be easier on DH servers as they are configured now?(rexford if that means anything) In other words, if I make it in PHP/Smarty, will I be able to have more visitors at same time then in RoR/caching?

I appreciate any guidance on this subject.

Zeljko Dakic

While DreamHost staff do answer questions in these forums from time to time, the forums are primarily customer to customer.

For a definitive answer to your question, you would be better to ask DreamHost via the support mechanism of the panel.


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I’ve seen reports of RoR code out-performing Java, because even though it’s interpreted vs partially compiled, RoR ends up needing so much less code (can be 1/5) to implement a piece of functionality.

I imagine the same is true comparing RoR to PHP as to Java. Worst case, it’s probably not going to be horribly slow by comparison. Plus, since you’ll finish the code so much sooner, you’ll have more time to optimize performance if need be. It’s better to have working code that might not be the fastest possible than have code that never got implemented because it took too long to write.