Which is better for Dreamhost: vBulletin or phpBB?


All things equal, would it be better for me to install vBulletin 3.6 or phpBB3 (both being the latest of each product) if my goal is to not put a high load on Dreamhost’s shared servers? My board is pretty much right out of the box with few mods.

If you don’t know, what has your experience been with your forum?



One advantage with phpBB is that it is available as a one-click installation.

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phpBB3 is lighter on a server than vBulletin3.x “out of the box”.


Have you already purchased vBulletin?

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Given the cost difference between the two, I’d go with phpBB3


vBulletin 3.x can be tweaked pretty well to load up relatively quickly, but I do find that phpBB3 loads quite a bit faster irregardless. Vbulletin just offers a lot more features out-of-the-box that phpBB3 does not. So it’s really up to you.

I personally had a custom PHP5 install going with eAccelerator and some template compression tweaks to load vBulletin at a good speed - and that was with fairly low traffic.

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