Which hosting plan do I need?


At the moment I’m using Dreamhost’s shared server resources, but page load is getting awfully slow (up to 60 seconds loading time per page), with several daily process kills, and 500 Internal Server Errors. 97% of the other websites on the Net are faster than mine (Alexa). This is worrying!

Although I have been running my blog for a while now I’m still pretty confused with all the technical settings and requirements of a website. Therefore, please could somebody help?

The website: www.soccerwidow.com
Daily visitors: 300 to 1,000, 3 page views each
Data Base queries average per day (total): 1,800,000

The visitor numbers are growing by the day, and I would prefer to find a solution which gives me some peace of mind for a while. I’m spending way too much time sorting out technical stuff instead of writing content.

Please help! I’m overwhelmed with all the technical background of a website.


Your page is acting strangely. It’s a WordPress site. I would look into the various plug-ins you are using. Your scripts are all in the body of your HTML instead of the header. And, they are taking forever to load. Somethings not right. It could just be an oddity of your template, but, I’d suggest troubleshooting that, first.

Then, perhaps, move to a VPS if your traffic warrants it.


I’ve had this problem for a while, and keep switching plugins on and off. I also recently changed the template as I thought this may be the problem and after the change it worked more or less fine until three days ago. For last few days, the site is hardly up. Awfully long loading times and often down.

How do I get plugin scripts in the header?

What traffic warrants VPS? May there be a problem with my SQL?


It was a hack!!!

Dreamhost carried out a security scan and have identified that one of myhosted sites showed signs of being compromised. They disabled the page(s) in question and now my main site is up and running again.

Great job! Thank you Dreamhost team :slight_smile: