Which File contains "yourdomain" text string

i am trying to modify the text in the default web page, the part that says, “yourdomain.com”.

as part of learning phbBB, i compiled all the template files into one big text file, so that i could look for text strings and figure out which bit contains the text string of interest.

in the first case, i wanted to replace the phpBB logo with a home-brewed image. that part was in “overall_header.tpl”

now i’m trying to edit the “yourdomain.com
A little text to describe your forum” part, and i cannot find the text string in any of the config or *.tpl or *.htm/html files.

could someone please tell me where that part of the template is located ?

thanks a lot for any help !

That can be changed in the ACP (Administrator’s Control Panel)

My website

Thanks a lot, right there under “config” !