Which CMS best?

Ok I know there is no absolute answer, but I’m looking to run one of the free Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, php-nuke or drupal. These are the 3 that seem to be most popular, with the most support. Trouble is I can’t find any general reviews on such platforms and I’m very new to this myself. Can anyone give experiences running any of these?

My simple thoughts so far is only this: Joomla is offered as a 1-click from DH so thats simple, but I dont know much about it. post-nuke seems complicated and hard to get support on. php-nuke offers more modules and enjoys wider support, but has reports of security issues. Drupal I know nothing.

Anyone know of any web sites running from these platforms you could point me to? Any reviews and comparisons? Any bad experiences/good experiences?