Wheres this file coming from?

Theres a file in one of my folders called “.nfs02dbbba600000212”. If i delete it, it immediately creates “.nfs02dbbba600000213”. It’s HUGE (122,924 bytes)… not all that huge I guess… the data dump looks like it might supposed to be a picture.

I’m running stock everything; i’ve never recompiled dreamhost’s php or anything, and i dont think it’s possible that something is simply running arbitrarily and checking if the file gets deleted so it can recreate another… Is there any reason that code would execute upon file deletion?

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Those .nsf1234567 files, and other “.nsfXXXXXX” files like them, are used by the Network File System (NSF) to maintain state for processes that are running on the machine…

Here a couple of explanatory links:

1 - Deleting .nsf files

2 - What is this .nfs file and why can’t I remove it?.