Where's the value in DH one click?

I’ve been a DH customer for six years, so I’ve got a little experience with them. All in all, it’s not a bad host. Sure it has its share of down time for various boxes for various reasons, but they are playing with some pretty high-tech stuff, and charging most of us very little to use it.

Here’s what I noticed today, however, many of the paltry selection of one-click apps are out of date, some embarrassingly so. So what I’d love to know is what value is there in advertising your own custom list/system of apps if you don’t maintain them, expand, or cater to the ones paying for it all?

I see no added value in having to upgrade (manually in many cases) an app after getting the installer to put the old version on, and having to chose from such a small list. It’s not a marketable feature when it’s done this poorly, folks.

What say you?

Well, you get to skip the create database step when you use a One-Click, but after that I see no real benefit. They probably advertise One-Click in order to appear comparable to other hosts in terms of “features”.

I would not at all be upset at seeing newer tools.

And yeah, upgrading the default Zen Cart installation…? Ugh.