Wheres my upload folder?

Hi I registered on decembers 23rd or 24th, everything is active, and my domain (twinjy.com) is active, I get the emptty directory when I go to my website. My FTP folder does NOT contain a folder to upload files into! If I create one it doesnt accept it such that the open directory is still displayed!

This is illustrated in this screen shot:

I dont know if we are allowed to shamelessly plug our sites, but I am very excited to get this site online. It still is in the very primary stages of layout, but it will featrure a large wealth of information on Junkyard/DIY Twin Turbo Mustangs, as well as a wealth of generalized information for making your own turbo kit. Many kits for the mustangs see 400WHP for less than $1000! Thats more than doubling the stock horsepower.

Yes, you should have a folder called “twinjy.com”. Others have had this problem recently. If you send a support email, the DH team should fix it for you.


Its fixed.