Where's my stuff?

Okay, I am totally new to this (as you will be able to tell… :slight_smile:

I set up Dream Host, and I used one-click install to set up WordPress in a sub-domain called wordpress.mydomain.

And then - flushed with success - I went on to add some pictures and write a blog entry. Couldn’t work out how to actually make it go live, but hey, it seemed to be going okay.

Now I’ve logged in and it’s all gone. Where is my page?? If I go into the wordpress subdomain all there is a quickstart icon which takes me to a web page saying ‘coming soon’.

Which means I can’t find wordpress either.

So, where is wordpress, and where is my page I wrote???

thanks very much!

You need to log in to your domain by FTP and delete the quickstart.html. You can do this with any fullblown FTP program (FileZilla is very good and free) or use the WebFTP option in the panel (if this is activated again, since DH had some problem with it and disabled it temporary).
You will only be able to see files and not WP if you installed it simple, best is to use custom install.