Where's my .htaccess?

First of all, where exactly is it supposed to be? Second, I am unable to access this file through FTP. I have tried WS_FTP and the regular Windows browser used in Windows XP and this file is not visible to me in either one. I made sure all my hidden file options were turned on, nothing. I even tried uploading a new .htaccess file. It transferred, but when I refreshed the view it disappeared!

Now, I have an previous web hosting account with another company, and I am able to view my .htaccess file on their servers with WS_FTP, so I don’t think it’s a problem with my FTP program. Why can’t I see this file on Dreamhost?

I can see it just fine in WS FTP.

You need to add the -LA flag under remote file mask to show hidden files.

Remote file mask… I don’t see an option for that in my software.

EDIT: Found it! That did the trick! Thank you so much!