Where'd the logs go?

The good news: After the latest server move, everything seems to be working normally.

The bad news: Where are my bleepin’ logs?!

The /logs/ directory only contains today’s logs, plus a sliver of yesterday’s representing the part that happened after the move (assuming that’s what the timestamp on the e-mail means). I checked my DH control panel. Prefs for how long to keep raw logs haven’t reset themselves.

Before I go pester Support, does anyone know for sure: Are earlier logs simply gone gone gone, or are they hiding somewhere?

Current logs: ~/logs/domain.tld/http
Older logs: ~/logs/domain.tld/http.[numbers]
Ancient logs: ~/logs/domain.tld/http.[numbers].bak

If you need to keep historical logs on file you should consider making it part of your backup routine.

I think you missed part of her good news… …After the latest server move…

which my guess is, unless support can still get them off the old machine then they are gone… only way to find out is open a ticket and ask…

Mine were moved when migrated from West to East USA datacenters.

Oh, dear. Sounds like “mixed responses”. I’d better go ask Upstairs then.

Allow me to reiterate: If you need to keep historical logs on file you should consider making it part of your backup routine.

You are on a different server now. If your files are not there, there is nothing you can do but to submit a support ticket. Hopefully the old server is till there.

I DO keep them on file. I’ve got several years’ worth. I’m talking about the ones I never got a chance to back up because they disappeared.

Or do you mean I should set up a script to dynamically download my logs every two seconds or every time there’s a change? (Not sure you’re even allowed to do that on shared hosting. Access permissions.) That kinda defeats the point of having them on the server for a minimum of three days, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s the tricky bit. All our site files and databases got moved of course-- but the logs are in a different physical location. They’re just aliased from your userspace; it’s not where they really live. The odd thing is that the backups from my previous server move are still there. So I can see who visited my site for the time period leading up to 5 August 2011, but not the day before yesterday. Now that’s goofy :slight_smile:

An hourly backup might suffice, but if they’re more critical then a 5 minute (or more often) crontab could be implemented without any appreciable impact.