Where'd Murdock Go?

It seems that murdock.dreamhost.com has vanished.

PINE no longer works, returns message “NO such host as murdock.dreamhost.com”.

All php mail(); commands are non-functioning.

I have a test script that contains the following:
mail("webmaster@ozort.org", “subject”, “message”, “From: test@test.com”);

no email gets through.

It’s been working fine until just about 10 minutes ago.

Likewise at the EXACT SAME TIME, my sendmail script on my other site has stopped functioning too (both hosted on same account).

Since I wasn’t in my home directory when it happend, leads me to believe that either something in my root directory got broken somehow, or that murdock has disappeared.


Other servers are gone as well. This happened last week and support told me it was a DNS issue. Given that I can get to my server but not use pine/wget etc it would seem to be another internal DNS issue. sigh

I’ve been with DH for 6 years and this is the first time that my patience is being tried. I hope something is done before my clients start getting online in a few hours - but not really holding out much hope.

I have been having troubles for 6 hours now. I hope it’s fixed soon.

Yeah I noticed this problem about 7 hours ago, myself.

Be glad, that you’re in the US. European clients are waiting since 8am… Over here the working day will soon be over, and so far there’s neither a working database connection nor a message from Dreamhost

This is really screwing me…

Is there any word whatsoever from DH that I can pass along to my clients?

(sorry to be negative and post useless comments)

Not a word so far. MySQL (on several servers - although it looks more like a DNS problem, than a mysql-problem as someone else has already stated) has been down for at least eight hours now. I checked at about 8am (CET) this morning and it didn’t work. It’s almost funny, because I got an email from Dreamhost, that they updated my server to Sarge and that I should check if everything is running as it did before.

ha ha ha, very funny

I sent an email immediately but have not heard form Dreamhost since then.

It looks as if they made the update and went home afterwards.

Todays events make me gnarl at the page http://blog.dreamhost.com. Why is their blog up and running? Isn’t it running on mysql too :wink:

I posted this in the “atomic” thread as well.

While internal DNS is down, you can still connect to mysql by ip address. You need to ping the database server that you set up from a computer outside Dreamhost, and then change your application to connect to mysql by ip rather than hostname.

I was able to get my site online this way.