Where to put index.html?


I transfered all my files onto my dreamhost folder. I am just not sure which folder to put them in so that it can find my index.html file. I tried the “/” and “mysite.com” folders and niether one seems to work. Someone please help me. I would really like to go live.


The one named after you domain would be correct. If you just registered it or changed nameservers, you could have to wait up to 72 hours, though usually less.

If you see the site, but it’s just an empty directory listing, then that would mean the files aren’t in the right directory.

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I just switched everything into the “mysite.com” folder, it still doesn’t open when I navigate to my site in IE. The domain has been registered for almost a month now. Will there still be a delay in getting it live?


Registered where? Registration and hosting are two different things.

Also, you’re not mentioning what you’re seeing when you go to your domain. An error? An empty directory listing?

If you mean it’s registered somewhere else and you just changed the nameservers to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com – then that could take a few days like I mentioned.

Does your domain show up under the manage domains section of the control panel?

Have you tried reloading the site in your browser after you moved everything? You might need to clear the cache, restart your browser, etc… to see the changes.

It might also be helpful to post the domain name, if it’s not something you mind making public.

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my site is: ginkgophotography.com

I am pretty sure it is registered, but know I am doubting myself. I can see the domain on my manage domains page. On that section it is saying unknown for registration.

And as you can see… I am getting an under construction page when I navigate to my site.


Thant domain is registered, byt the nameservers have not been set to serve the site from DreamHost.

You can check the status of all that here

Assuming that the registrant indicated in the above linked information is you, you need to login to NameCheap.com and set the nameservers to point to:


Then, after the DNS information is updated across the web (up to 72 hours, often much less), you should be able to see your site.



Okay… knowing the domain makes it easier. I take it you’re seeing the under construction page?

Is this you, or someone associated with the domain? I just ask because you had doubts about whether you registered it or not.

The domain is registered (hopefully to you), but it’s not hosted here (yet). If you see it under the manage domains part of the panel, then that part’s done. You just need to change the nameservers.

It’s okay that it’s not registered here, as long as you update the nameservers. You can also transfer the registration here as well, if you’d like to use your free domain credit for it… but it’s not required.

Currently, the nameservers are set to:


You’ll just need to log into the registrar’s control panel and set those to:


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I guess I should have been typing instead of watching TV. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another reminder of why I like forums where previewing posts includes the ones before it!

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Ha ha me too! As you know I have done the same thing on more than one occasion. :wink:



Great… Thanks for the help. I got that all straightened out now. So, now I just need to wait like 72 hours and I should be up and running?


Sometimes it’s much quicker. I’ve seen it change pretty quickly, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world does. Or, others might see it while you don’t.

It’s usually safe to say that everyone should be seeing the same thing within that period. If you don’t see it within that time, you can try clearing the cache & reloading the page to make sure it’s not just on your end.

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As Seiler pointed out, it will likely be a lot quicker than that for many (I can see it just fine right now!) :wink: