Where to install Wordpress

I’m about to install Wordpress and phpBB into a new domain. I have WP on other domains already but this domain is currently empty. Let’s call it domain.com

Can/should I
A. install Wordpress to the root www.domain.com then install phpBB into www.domain.com/forums? or

B. install Wordpress to www.domain.com/blog then install phpBB into www.domain.com/forums so nothing is at the domain root?

I’d really prefer Wordpress to be at the root unless this will mess something up. TIA!

i’d install it via Option B then do an .htaccess to rewrite the URL so that the /blog/ is left off. that should avoid all possible conflicts now and in the future.

Good suggestion. I’d prefer visitors that type www.domain.com get sent to the blog straight away (even if it is at www.domain.com/blog), rather than have them type www.domain.com/blog and get sent to www.domain.com. Can .htaccess do that or is that what you actually said to begin with? :slight_smile:

I’m not a .htaccess guru by any means but basically you set it up so that anytime /blog/ appears in the URL it’s re-written without the /blog/

you could also just use the plugins buddypress as an extended part of WordPress as a forum