Where to find database backups

After that problem where servers were getting their time confused, I wanted to restore my database from a backup, but the web interface for that doesn’t seem to be working - it claims success, but my database has been cleared of all its tables instead.

I’ve submitted a ticket, of course, but it’s been 2 full business days without any sort of reply (save that automated one), so I’m hoping I can do this myself somehow? I have no idea where database backups are located, however. I have a dedicated server - I know that for shared accounts the backups are not available. I’m not very familiar with Linux, or I’d try searching for the file… but what would the backups be called? Presumably some configuration file knows, but where would that be? If I do know the name, how do I perform a file search?

I’m lost here. My site has been down for several days now with this and that time problem, and I guess DreamHost doesn’t feel like acknowledging this latest problem? I dunno - hard to say when they won’t reply. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you actually have a database backed up somewhere? I do my database backups and restores via command line (SSH or Telnet):