Where to buy domains


where is the best place to buy domains and use with dreamhost? i used to use mydomains.com but they are a bit annoying because dreamhost has 3 name servers. ns1 ns2 ns3.

mydomain.com only has 2 spots to put in and you have to call up…


Er, from us? We’re a registrar too, you know. :slight_smile:


“We’re a registrar too, you know.”

Well … yes … as it says in the panel, “We provide registration and renewal services for more than 25 TLDs as well many ccSLDs including the popular .com, .net, .org, .tv, .asia. and .ca”

but it’s worth noting that Dreamhost is in some cases (probably in all the more usual cases) a registrar and in other cases a registration agent or re-seller. Most people might not be interested in the difference, but some people would be.

In my opinion, in cases where Dreamhost is a re-seller, it should be more informative about who the actual registrar is. It is of course possible to find out, but sometimes only after the event.