Where the heck do I put my [index.html] homepage?


Okay I’m freakin stumped here., being the nuub that I am. I’ve never had so many folders to choose from to put my index.html (that is the main webpage for my homepage right?)

I’ve narrowed it down to

logs>http.(some number)>html>daily/monthly/longterm folders…which is it?

I must say, this one-click install is AMAZING!!! I’ve recently created and customized a pretty decent photo gallery. My only problem is in all those options., they didn’t offer a website creator thing :frowning: Or is Joomla the closest thing?

help please.


It goes in the domain.com folder.

So if you ftp in to your account you will see a folder called by the same name as your domain. Just go into that folder/directory and upload your index.html file.



thanks. I guess I was baffled because by default there “isn’t?” an index.html file in there? so I was like…hmmm where should it be then…that’s when I went on a conquest, and found that file in those other three folders I mentioned.

just to follow-up…so do all my folders (or I guess not necessarily as long as I point the folder structure right they could be anywhere right?) go in that folder then?

the domain.com>domain.com folder?


Yes your domain name is the root folder for your website. When/if you add another domain or two you’ll see those listed as well as individual folders.
That’s how you can run several domains/websites from one user account.




Much Appreciated Norm : )